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These clients came to us asking for HELP!  

It's very important that you choose your eyelash stylist carefully! Just because someone is licensed, does not mean you will be happy with your results! Everybody's eyelashes are different - some are short, some grow curly, some are extremely fine; all of these things, among many others need to be taken into consideration when your eyelash extensions are applied.  

* Is your stylist applying extensions that your natural lashes can support?

* Is she separating them so that you can brush through them? Or is she leaving clumps of glue?

* Is she attaching them close enough to the base of the natural lash without blocking your glands or resting them on your eyelid?

* Is she rushing through the application?  

Eyelash application is an art, and we apply all of our client's lash extensions as if they were our own lashes. We take great pride in our work and in the beauty we are creating!