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Meredith worked in the field of Ophthalmology for 15 years. After years of being a "lash client" herself, she realized her true calling. She wanted to master the art of lash extensions and be a part in watching the transformation Eyelash Extensions bring to each individual. Meredith decided to continue her education and has been doing lashes since 2013. She is licensed in the State of Texas as an Eyelash Extension Specialist. A perfectionist at nature, she is focused on providing quality lash extensions with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything she can to meet your expectations.

Rachel has worked as a trained make-up artist for the last 16 years. She has worked in the fashion industry, in print and film, both beauty and Special FX make-up as well as skin care. She is also a licensed esthetician. She continued her education which included lashes and found her passion. She has been doing lashes for over 4 years, which led to her promotion to a master stylist. She offers a variety of services ranging from lash extensions, brow extensions, permanent make-up, skin care as well as threading and waxing. Her goals and focus professionally are to help every woman realize the beauty they already have.